This is a guide of how to download and install the Chinese Server of Digimon RPG.

Links to Download the Game 
(all links have the same File, just different servers, 
just in case one is down or downloads too slow)

official Link 1
official Link 2
official Link 3 (Torrent)

If the Links are Broken you can go here

Official Download Site

look for this


And Click on any of the Green options on the right.

Now, the Official Links are kinda ... Slow sometimes, 
but some Forum members have provided different link to download the game.

File Front Link by Sunny
MegaUpload Link by Sunny 2
MegaUpload Link by artom313
FileFront Link (With English Patch Included) by MidnightRaid 


English Patch

Well I dont really know much about the English patch but, 
you can find most info about it here

English Patch Post

Chinese Language Pack

You will need it to view the Chinese letters. 
(believe me you will need to see them later on)

Download the chinese language pack